Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well I have dropped 130 pds

Happy Holidays you all... wow what can I say, I have made such a drastic change in my life with this surgery I went threw.  I would not change it for anything in the world! I am sooo thankful for it, and greatful for how well I have done.  I still have problems eating meat, rarely eat it to be honest, but I am making it threw.. And doing a wonderful Job I think.  Since September 22nd 2010 I have dropped 89 pds... and since april 2010 i have dropped a  total of 130 pds.. I am happy about that. I got a new lease on life! My body feels better, I can walk and exercise again! I am doing things I have not ever been able to do and I am loving it. So to those of you out there straddling the fence on weither to do it or not... I say yes, absolutly do it, its worth every step!!

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