Friday, July 30, 2010

The little things that make you wonder about the surgery

I have dreamed for the past two nights that I am going to die while in the hospital after I have the surgery. I know its just my mind living out my fears in my dreams but it still scares me. Some other things that go threw my mind are things that I should not even think about, because its part of what got me to the terrible condition I am in today, but I will never be able to have bread/carbs again, or so I was told in the support group meetings, have not met the dietician yet, so this is still hearsay until the dietician tells me for certain. I can do without sweets, I have splenda, I can do without soda, I have for months, that stuff does not bother me, but the thoughts of never having another piece of lite bread scares me, lol. I love bread, but from what I hear if you eat it after the surgery it makes you violently ill to your stomach, and I have a very sensitive stomach now,I can not even imagine it after the surgery. Stuff like that really worries me, I am afraid of blood clots, which is the number 1 complication after the surgery, and of all the other risks, but that's only natural, anyone will fear the unknown. I just have to stay strong, think positive, and move forward!!!


  1. It's normal to be afraid. Another thing is trying not to worry into the future because you only have to deal with today. If you can do without the sweets you'll be way ahead of the game. Many of us eat bread occasionally but you'll be surprised how much you lose cravings when you don't eat something anymore. Moderation is the key to success and educate, educate, educate yourself about our disease. Don't worry about blood clots...just make sure and get up and move after surgery. I have known literally hundreds of people that have had this surgery and I actually know more that have died from obesity than the surgery. I am almost ten years out. I'm so happy for you and here's wishing you the best of success.

  2. Thank you so much for the information,I really appreciate it. I personally only know one person whom has had the surgery, so I do not have alot of feedback of what to expect. Means alot to know someone else went threw it, and came out fine.