Friday, July 30, 2010

The things I look forward to doing once I loose this weight

You know, people take for granted the little stuff, like crossing their legs, setting in a booth at a restaurant, riding rides at an amusement park, buying clothes because you like them, not because they are the size you need, walking threw a store, wearing your seat belt in a car, being able to exercise, tying your own shoes, getting dressed alone, or even bathing on your own. all of these things, at one time or another in my life, I have not been able to do. I look forward to us going out to a place to eat, and not having to ask for a table instead of a booth, being able to go to a concert and not pray that I can fit in the seat. Simple things like this are things that smaller people take for granted. Now I am sure some people are saying to themselves right now, well stop feeding your pie hole and you wouldn't be that way. Well your wrong there. I have been over weight since birth,not by choice, but by medical need. I have severe asthma, and have to and always had to use steroids to breath, so I could live. Do you think I would want to be in this shape if I could help it. Absolutely not. Do you think I would have taken the steroids if I could have lived without them, NO!! This is the life I was dealt, and I lived it the best I could. No regrets, just the way it is. I personally do not care if you think this or that, it does not matter to me, the ones whom love me, their opinion of me is all I need. But I wanted to throw that out there for all the ignorant ass wipes that think that every fat person is fat cause they eat to much, its not always the case, so do not judge others... Always know that the little jokes and shit you do to people whom are different than you, it comes back to you, cause Karma is a bitch my friend, plain and simple. Take these words with you if you do not take anything else from this, Do not think that because you are smaller than me, that you are better than me, do not think that because someone is disabled in some way, that you are better than them, because on judgement day, when we all stand before the Lord on his throne, and we all will!!! We all will be the same in his eyes, either a saved soul with your name in the lambs book of life, or a sinner sent to the pits of hell to burn for eternity. Do you think the Lord will care if I was a size 28 and you were a size 2?? No, he will not, he will care about whom of us there have taken him as our savior, it is not for us to judge others, so stop doing it!!! God hears the mean remarks you make to others when you do it, and you, and you alone will answer to him for those things on the day of judgement!!

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