Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Its been a week today

Well, its been a week since my surgery.  Its easier than I thought it would be.  I have my own system worked out on charting my intake/output and, as everyone else will see, I have developed a what works for me day to day routine.  I had a little trouble drinking my 2 oz every 15 to start with, not because I did not want it, but I am up throughout the day from 445 am until 9-10pm daily, so it became alot more than I could handle taking in.  So for the past three days I cute it back to 1 oz every 15, and I skip some here and there, so that by the end of the night I am not hurting from so much fluid intake.  I am still using my pain meds, because my right side wound, where Dr. Williams sutured my muscle to the incision at is still extremely tender when I move, walk or bend, but the meds have slowed down quit a bit.  I am so thankful that I was giving the opportunity to do this surgery, and to be on the post op side of things.   I feel good, although energy runs out very fast, so I sleep alot, and that's ok.... I do what I can do, I walk as much as I possibly can, must fight the blood clots from forming, and I do my housework as tolerated.  I cook my hubby his meals for the AM, and my dear mother usually fixes his dinner in the PM.  I could not do this without my parents, sister, and hubby, they have all done so much to help and support me and I am so very thankful for them.  Just wanted to touch base, and give an update on how I am coming along.  I go back for my two week check up on the 4th.  I had lost 42 pounds pre op, i am excited to see what I have lost when i go back for my 2 week visit.

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