Monday, September 27, 2010

My Surgery is done

Hey guys!!! This past Wednesday, September 22nd, I went in for my surgery.  It was truly a very wonderful process, the staff at the hospital were the best I have ever had, my doctor was wonderful, and the experience was very peaceful, much to my surprise.  As soon as I came out of the recovery room, and woke up, I demanded to get up, I wanted to walk.  My hubby was apprehensive, because the doctor said due to the amount of muscle in my stomach, combined with the fat, and my very enlarged liver, that my surgery was very difficult, and that I might experience alot more pain than normal patients.  I was not taking a chance of lying in the bed and getting a blood clot, I wanted to walk... and walk we did, ever hour and a half to two hours.... even if I cried, even if it hurt, we walked.  Today is Monday, 5 days post op,and I will tell you this, my persistence has paid off.  I feel great. Sure I still have alot of pain, and am still on my pain meds, sure I get fatigued easily, but all in all, I do not feel like I just had a major, slightly complicated surgery.  This morning I have done two loads of laundry, changed my sheets on my bed, cooked my hubby breakfast and packed his lunch, I have emptied my dishwasher, and refilled it, and got all my charts for my intake/output started for the day.  I am pushing forward with all my might, and I feel like a new woman. yesterday we went for a walk from my house down to my mothers and fathers. there and back would be at least 1/4 a mile, maybe more.  felt good.  And I do not want food, sure I enjoy my Popsicle's, and my fruit juices, but I do not have hunger pains.  As long as I take this tool given to me, and stay strict with it, as my doctor has told me I needed to, I will go threw this with flying colors, so to speak.  I feel wonderful.  so to those of you out there that are considering this, it is painful, it does take will power, and work, and its not the easy way out by no means, but it is absolutely worth every step.  Thank you Dr Williams, and all the staff at Park West Medical Center Bariatric Unit. All of you all rock!!

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