Friday, October 1, 2010

Got my Medical ID Bracelet today

I am not a rich person, quiet the opposite, I am dirt poor.  I had to have a medical ID bracelet, because after bariatric surgery we can not have any NSIADS or a NG Tube placed in us.  Well most commonly these bracelets are quiet expensive.  Well I went to Walgreens Website and they had one for 17.99 and it had a USB port that you plugged into any pc, and put in all of your medical information. Awesome was the first thing that came to my mind, I can afford 18 bucks, and this will allow me to put everything on it.  Well let me tell ya, it is well worth that 18 dollars, I love it, it allows you to upload a full blown medical history, and is super easy to do.   If you are like me and don't have tons of money to blow on a high price one, but know you need one, go here and get one. I got the pink one... I love it!!

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