Friday, August 13, 2010

40 pounds off since my first appointment back in April

I went to my MD. yesterday, for my normal check up, due to having high bp, being diabetic, injured knee, and back, along with being overweight, I have to go to my regular doctor two or three times a month..  Yesterday when i weighed in, I had dropped 40 pds since beginning of my journey.  Of course 40 pds is a drop in the bucket, but its 40 pds off, not on. I am so please and proud of myself.  I only need to drop another 9 pounds to be down to the weight Dr. Williams wanted me to be at to be safe for the BPD surgery.  Of course I changed my mind with that one, and am having the normal gastric bypass instead, but to me, this is a big stepping stone to my weight loss that I have conquered.

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