Saturday, August 7, 2010

As the days tick by

Time to have my surgery is going to be here before I know it.  I am trying to get myself mentally ready for my life change.  No sugar, fine we do not eat it anyway, No soda, OK we do not drink that much either so giving it up will not be a problem. It is going to be odd not to be overweight though.  I have been big my entire life, from toddler up throughout the years, so actually loosing the weight, and being healthy and fit, believe it or not, its a big pill to swallow.  I do not know what to think, how its going to feel.  Its things that are silly I know, but it is all part of the anticipation and excitement of this second chance at life.  To me, that's exactly what this is, see my life as I know it now is a poor excuse for one.  Sure I have things that others may not, I have a wonderful set of loving caring parents, a absolutely terrific husband, I have a home, a wonderful little pug puppy that steals my heart daily, but the things most of you have at my age, I have lost.  I have lost the ability to walk, to run, to go to amusement parks with my family, or to the pool to swim.  I have lost all these things due to my weight problems, and my back and knee problems that have been brought on from my knee.

 I honestly can not imagine what life is going to be like.  I have my mind set that the two week no food diet will be totally doable, and that I will make it threw that without any problems. I have to get my mind thinking that, because if I do not, then I am going to be suffering those two weeks, and I do not want to go into this suffering. I am going to start replacing meals with protein shakes now, that way when it gets time to have to do it full blast, it will not be that difficult.

 My friend and I are trying to check into getting a support group started here in our community for the people here that have had, or are thinking of having the weight loss surgery, because we feel like we deserve to have a group to attend to, and we do not want to have to drive for an hour and a half to get to it.  Hope the office can help us get that going.

 So far the diet pills are still really helping me control my appetite, I fill up way faster, and stay full alot longer, so that has to be helping me to drop so weight now. 

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